Catching up

Things have been a bit busier the past few days and I’ve gotten behind on posts. 

Last Thursday I had a vet appointment for two health certificates; Marie and Cupcake were flying home with their new “moms”.

Then Thursday I drove to town to meet and drop off Gift and Banner with their new family. 

Saturday is my doggie business “day off” but we had some nice play and cuddle time. 
Sunday was a trip to Spokane to meet Party and Cupcake’s families and deliver them. 

Monday was “catch up” day at home. 

Then Tuesday (yesterday) it was back to Spokane to meet up with Marie’s mom and send them on their way. 

Little Wish is the last of the older puppies and she will be picked up on Sunday. 

Hope hopefully now I can get caught up on some posts (although most are about the pups that have already left; but still..)

Have a great day everyone!😊

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