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The matching process is going slowly. Lots of people that I’ve contacted have not responded. I know sometimes those that have been waiting for quite a while have put the puppy idea on the back burner (so to speak) and got on with life and all it’s busy-ness. Please, if you are on my waiting list; whether you’ve been on six months or six days; check your email frequently! 😀 Also, check your spam folder. Sometimes my emails end up there. If I don’t hear back from you, I will try the phone number that you have given me on your Puppy Application form. If I don’t get any response within 48 hours, I will unfortunately skip you and move on down my list. I don’t like to do that, as I know some of you have been waiting months for a puppy! But it’s not fair to the other people that are anxiously waiting to find out if they will be matched with one of our current puppies. And Faith’s puppies area already seven and a half weeks old. People getting them will need to make plans to get their puppies home.

I know sometimes life throws curve balls in our path and it may not be a good time for you to get a puppy, but please let me know that too. You will not lose your place in line. We’ll just match you with your puppy at a later time when it works in your life schedule.

Thank you so much!


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  1. ann lubrecht says:

    Hi can you please tell me where I am on the waiting list?

    Thanks so much Ann Lubrecht

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