Hi everybody

Just me, the poop lady checking in! 😜Sorry, but all I seem to do at this stage is clean up that stuff!

Just thought I’d give an update on what is happening around here.

So I’m busy of course, running between Faith’s Cavapoo pups, Allie’s Cavapoo pups and Flower’s Poodles pups. There’s puppy pens to clean, dishes to wash and refill, blankets to launder, and then throughout the day the constant scooping of litter boxes as we get “deposits”.

The puppies are having playtime this morning in my kitchen. So I set up gates at one end to keep them contained, put a  litter box or two in there and scatter toys and obstacles around for them to play on and with. And of course I do this one litter at a time since we are all different ages, stages and sizes. While one litter is playing I’m cleaning out a puppy pen or two.

Then there’s get down on the floor time and play with the puppies at their level. Trying to snap pictures and take short videos as I go.

Faith’s puppies are all matched with their new families, had their first vaccination, completely weaned, going in for their check-ups this Thursday and heading to their respective new homes starting on Sunday. Wow! Where does the time go?!

I’ve started Flower and Allie’s pups on the weaning process. I start by letting moms stay away a little bit longer as the days go by until now we’re leaving them apart a few hours at a time. The babies are nibbling on soaked kibble and doing great during their time away from mom.

We are in the process of matching Allie’s pups, but I know they are still young and some people are waiting to see more pictures and videos. 😀

I have not actively “advertised” Flower’s Poodle puppies, because, well, some of them will be staying here with me. And I haven’t made up my mind who yet. 🙂 But if you know anyone interested in a purebred Poodle, send them my way!

Now enjoy some puppy antics while I go scoop another litter box😉

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  1. Which litter the the poodles? I struggle when they are that small!

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