No gifts necessary

Sometimes when I meet with a new family to deliver a puppy, they surprise me with a “thank you” gift! What a sweet surprise!

Now, don’t feel obligated to do such a thing. I appreciate my puppies getting such awesome homes and that’s enough. But to be surprised once in a while has been such fun!

I have lived in a house full of men for so many years, that gifts don’t show up here very often (I have great guys, but gifts are not high in their thought process 😉 hehe) so these little surprises are extra special.

This past Thursday, little Potter went home with this fun family. I’m sure their daughter will have him trained (and probably doing tricks!) in no time.

And look at the sweet surprise they brought!

Yummy homemade bread from a local bakery; two jars of jam (love the names; Chuckleberry and Montana Traffic Jam) and this great little sign.

Thank you!!

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