What now?

The last litter of Cavapoos (Allie & Dickens) have gone home. Hang on. That needs to sink in my brain a minute…

It has been non-stop puppies around here since our first litter of the year arrived back on April 10th! 

Yesterday was a big delivery day in Spokane. I got to meet five wonderful families (or parts of them😉) and enjoyed meeting and spending time with each one. They came from Washington, Oregon, Colorado and Canada!

Then the last family came to our home today to pick up Partner. Boy, this is a busy family; baseball, backpacking/road trip and a new puppy all in one weekend!

Happy families, happy puppies!

And now, what do I do with myself?!😳

Actually all the Poodle pups are still here so I’m not puppy-less. At this point, Bud, Blossom and Bouquet will be growing up here. And I’m still looking for good homes for Petal and Bloom. 

BUT; I do plan on taking some type of break/vacation in September👍 (I’ve already asked my niece to dog-sit). I can’t remember ever taking a vacation with just my husband and I. In fact, the kids would remind me that we really didn’t take vacations, period (unless you count going to visit relatives 😉).

And since some of the girls have started to come in season again, that means the puppy craziness will start again in a couple months!😳

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  1. kristycory says:

    Wow, you deserve a break! And taking a vacation in September after kids are all back at school is so smart. Enjoy some down time!

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