Honeymoon update

Well, I’m back from my quick trip to Cali and trying to get caught up on everything. So thankful for my husband and sister-in-law for taking such good care of the furr-kids. And my good buddy for watching Syd, the bird (who I still need to get home!)

So just a recap on what’s happened in the past month or so. We had three girls come in season all within days of each other. Two of those girls were bred. I thought by now some of the other girls would have been in season, but so far nobody else has. I guess they decided to spread the workload out for me a bit. 😉

Usually about a month after breeding, a female can be checked to see if she’s pregnant by palpating (feeling her abdomen for changes; puppies growing inside! 🙂 Sometimes we feel enlargements and sometimes we don’t. Just because we don’t feel anything doesn’t mean shes not pregnant. Then it’s a wait and see game to see if we see other changes in her body.

So last night when I was putting the girls to bed, I checked them. First it was Jules who had been bred to Clancy. AND…..I’m pretty sure I felt “something” in there! This will be Clancy’s first pups and with he and Jules’ beautiful red coats we should have a bunch of gorgeous pups!

The other girl that had been bred was Rosie (to Sundae again). Now, I have to tell you; Rosie is a pig! I was only gone five days and that girl gained weight! She has always had a very solid, adult looking body even when she was an older puppy. And she loves to eat. To make things easier for my husband, I housed Rosie, Treasure, Jules and Lucy together in one pen/dog kennel while I was gone and had him feed them in a couple communal bowls. I’m sure Rosie ate more than her fair share!

So palpating her was a bit more challenging as my whole hand was full of fat tummy as I was searching for puppy “enlargements” higher up in her abdominal cavity. I did not feel any “for sure” telltale lumps. But like I said earlier, that does not mean she is not pregnant. Hopefully time will tell. If anyone was to just look at her, she looks very pregnant (but, I really think that was the extra dog food she snorked down!)

Anyways, that is the latest “girl” news. 😀

jules10.14 rosieadult

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  1. kristycory says:

    So exciting! I bet the pups (and your husband) were all happy to have you back!

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