Busy times

With the Thanksgiving holiday, home projects and such,  I’m tardy with a puppy update!

The pups will be five weeks old tomorrow! And this is such a fun age. They are much steadier on their feet. They engage with each other in play and mock dog battles. Thankfully the growls and wrestling are more entertaining than anything. And it’s good practice on how to behave with other dogs later in life. 

They are enjoying their puppy playpen with new toys being introduced daily. I’ve changed them over from the Ugodog to a regular litter box with sides since they are  now able to navigate the edges. 

The puppies are diving right into the bowl of soaked puppy food now. And of course still nursing vigorously from mom. 

Today I introduced them to an obstacle on the way out of the playpen. It was more of a challenge for some than others, but they all used their puppy problem solving skills and succeeded!

Their weights were recorded and deworming medicine will be given today. 

And they are each being introduced to their first clicker training session. (More on that later). After very short training sessions, the puppies are allowed a nap to process the information. 


And, I’ve started contacting those at the top portion of my list to see who is interested in this litter or if they’ll be passing on these pups.

Exciting days!

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