A kid at Christmas

Remember when you were a kid and couldn’t wait for Christmas?! I mean the important thing when you’re a little kid is; what are in those packages under the tree? 😀 There were two of us kids in our family growing up; my older brother and me. Instead of putting names on all the packages, my mom would assign everybody a number (but of course we didn’t know what our number was from year to year) and then she would just write a number on the package. Guess what; that meant you couldn’t pick out your boxes to squeeze, shake and manipulate. Clever woman, my mom. 😉

One year I remember her telling us we could wait up for Santa. That was cool! But of course, we were young and she knew we would fall asleep before “Santa” arrived to put packages under the tree. Moms are smart like that. 😀

Of course as a person grows and matures, priorities change. You find that it’s more rewarding to give than receive. And then you realize that’s not even the most satisfying thing. Family. Spending time with family is now my favorite part of Christmas. Of course, there are many other aspects of Christmas that are enjoyable.

And I’m pretty excited right now; like I was in that six year old body trying to figure out which were gifts were for me! You see, our kids are coming home today. ALL.OF.THEM. (insert *teary mom eyes) <3

So along with getting some food ready for the kids, and running on adrenaline (the sleep department is lacking when you’re on the living room couch with two moms and their squeaky new babies, and a restless, heavily pregnant Cavalier.), I will attempt to get new pictures of Jules’s litter. I might have to use some super glue at this point to get there feet stuck in one spot long enough to get a non-blurry picture.  (Don’t call animal control anyone, I’m just kidding!). I also have a couple blog posts to share (unfortunately they’re still in my head and not in written form), introduce Reba’s litter and post an updated waiting list!

So off I go like Santa on his midnight run!

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4 Responses to A kid at Christmas

  1. Eleda/adele says:

    So enjoyed your holiday memories! May you continue to be blessed and adored by those who love you, two and four-legged , respectively. Wishing you a Merry Christmas and maybe one silent night (of blissful sleep!).

  2. esther herst says:

    Wishing you and the whole family (2 & 4 legged) a very happy Christmas and a peaceful and healthy new year.

    With love from Esther, Gino, Hope and Zoey

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