Check up time

On Monday, Jules’ puppies had their check up appointment at the vet. It was quite the day of adventure for the puppies and they handled it like little pros!

Since the weather has been bitterly cold, they are using only litter boxes for potty time instead of going outside. So Monday was their first venture into the cold. I warmed my truck up to get the heater going well, put the crate in the back seat with a fuzzy bed inside and a blanket over the top, then carried the puppies out to the vehicle. And off we went. (For those who don’t know, our vet is an hour + drive away. A little shorter in the summer, when I can take a different route. But in the winter I stay on the main “highway”).

Once we arrived at the vet and I saw that we were early, I let the puppies into the bed of my truck for a little potty break. I had put a litter box in  the back before we left home, but there was also snow in the bed so they had a taste of the “outdoors” for their potty break.

Then inside we went for their check ups. Each puppy was given a through exam, weights were taken, a stool sample checked and micro-chips inserted into those that needed them. Everybody did super! And the vet and her helpers had time to love on the puppies while we were there. ❤️

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