No strangers

We use propane at our house, so every two to three months a big ‘ol propane truck lumbers up our mountain driveway to top off our tank. This afternoon, I heard the familiar rumble.

Oh, a man in a uniform. A great meet and greet opportunity for Cubbie! So I put on my Muck boots, chore coat and scooped up the “Cubbster” (every dog here seems to get a nickname 😉) and headed outside.

Our gas guy is really friendly and we usually chat a few minutes after he’s done with the tank and rolling up his giant hose. Cubbie took in all the sights and sounds. The truck made a loud “Phish!” sound as the air brakes decompressed (or whatever the technical term is). Which startled him for a sec then he recovered without fear. That’s what we like to see; startle and recover.

We visited with the guy a bit and Cubbie was very happy to be talked to and petted by his new friend in uniform. Then off rumbled the big truck.

And since Cubbie was bundled up in my coat, I decided to give him a barnyard tour.

Meeting the chickens from a far. I didn’t think the chickens would appreciate an up-close meeting. Although I’m sure Cubbie would have loved it. I don’t think he’s met a stranger yet.

Then we headed to the horse pasture. Gracie, was of course, the first horse to come visit. (She associates visitors with food). Cubbie waited  at the gate with no fear or hesitation as this nine hundred pound creature slowly approached him.

They sniffed noses for quite a while, with his tail wagging the whole time. Cubbie seems to love everybody. ❤️

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