Back to the feed store

I seem to spend a lot of time at the feed store. For some reason these animals always seem to need food, or shavings or wood pellets, or…you get the picture.

So when Hope had her recheck at the vet, Cubbie came along too. And after the vet visit, we headed to the feed store. It’s one of the few stores in our little town that Cubbie can go in with me.

He’s a good little cart rider. And I’m training him to be a guard dog. See how well he’s watching my purse. 😉

Oh, goody! Time for another cookie from one of the nice ladies from the store. 

“I’m a good boy mom. I’m staying right where you left me and I’m watching all your stuff.”

This nice veteran stopped his scooter on the way by to greet Cubbie. And that ends another successful trip to the feed store.




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