A Busy Weekend

Saturday after church and lunch (and a nap for me), my sister-in-law and niece came down (they’re our nearest neighbors just up the mountain) to see the puppies.

All the babies got loved on and played with. It was so fun to the see the interaction. And I let Lucy’s Cavapoos and Faith’s Cavalier puppies out together for the first time. What a sight! Twelve wiggly, waggly, adorable puppies moving erratically around our feet like wind-up toys.

The pictures are a big blurry. But hey, we’re trying to capture puppies!

Then in Sunday, we had more visitors! Gingerbread’s family came to meet her in person. They’re fortunate to live within easy driving distance to us.

Reba supervising the visitation. 😉
Giving puppy a kiss💋

The girls loved on all of Reba’s puppies. ❤️
And they brought toys for their puppy (which she’s sharing with her litter mates.)
A busy, but fun weekend for all!

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