Six weeks

Wow! The puppies have all hit the six week mark this week! They’re growing up so fast!

At this age they are eating their puppy food (still soaked) well. Most of them dive right in when I put the dish in their pen. Of course, they still like to nurse off of mom. But the moms are getting to have more “mom” time without the kids. And the pups are learning to spend time without mom’s constant presence. It’s part of the weaning process, and I’d say they’re all doing well with it.

They are still getting their weekly weigh-in, de-wormer and nail trim. They have completed the first kind of de-womer medication. We like to use a couple different kinds to cover everything.

They are spending time in the puppy day care center a.k.a. my kitchen. 😉 It’s a bit of a challenge sometimes when the kitchen is the main room to get to other rooms in the house. So I’m back and forth, through the baby gate, through a pack of puppies surrounding my feet as I walk, through a door. Then back again, a few minutes later. It’s probably quite comical to watch! Sometimes I just sit on the kitchen counter and observe the action from above. (Oh, what would my mother think; sitting on the kitchen counter?!)

At this point I’m introducing some bigger and different toys to the pups. Next step will be some different obstacles and surfaces so they get use to lots of different feels, sounds and textures. This is where it gets fun!

Of course, there’s still the time consuming jobs of scooping poop out of the litter boxes, changing beds and blankets, introducing different toys in their puppy pens, and washing dog dishes. Then once they’ve had some playtime, it’s nap time. And the time for me to pick up the kitchen mess so I can get some other duties done, and actually walk through my kitchen instead of the previously described obstacle course! 😉

And another exciting thing that happens around this age; puppy matching! It’s so exciting to help those on the waiting list choose their furry new family member. ❤️


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2 Responses to Six weeks

  1. Dee . says:

    It’s puppy matching time? That means our name’s will get moved up a bit on the waiting list. HOORAY!! 💃💃

    I thought sitting on the counter was just a quirk my mom had. When you wrote that in your blog I totally heard my mom’s voice saying “Get your butt off that kitchen counter!”. Too funny. 😄

    Great pics of all the pups. They are adorable. 😊

    Talk again soon,


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