Containment area expanded

Most of you that just got puppies or are in the process, have heard me talk (talk, talk) about a containment area for your new puppy.

You can’t watch them 24/7. Some of you work away from home or go to school and puppy needs a safe place to stay when you’re away. And even if you are home the majority of the time, you and puppy still need time apart. You might have chores to get done or errands to run. Or just time to yourself. And no matter what your schedule or lifestyle, puppy needs to learn to entertain himself and be content by himself.

Well, just so you know. I’m doing the same thing here. Just on a little bit bigger scale.

I wouldn’t recommend this big of a space for just one puppy; at least not at the very start. Once he or she is settled in, adjusted and using the litterbox consistently, then you can expand his territory.

But since I’m dealing with six puppies right at the moment, I had to make things on a larger scale.

I’ve stationed the litter boxes right by my back door. Unfortunately we still have too much snow outside to start outside potty training. So in the meantime will give them the idea where the door is with the litter box location.

I have one crate for each puppy since I started feeding them three, small meals a day, eaten in their crates. The two plastic (Vari Kennel) crates are only put down on the floor during feeding times. The wire crates are left down and open always.

The pen is set up at the end of the dining area. And since our home has an open floor plan between kitchen, dining and living areas, they’re right in the hub of things.

They will have playtime out of this also, but just like I tell you, they need to learn to be content in their pen while I’m busy with other things.  Ideally, they should each be in a pen by themselves, but my house isn’t big enough. So I will work with them individually also.

Carry on puppy trainers! 😀

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    What state are y’all located in

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