Another update~Garland


“Dear Jennifer,

We have had Winston (aka Garland) for nearly 3 weeks now and he is absolutely the joy of our lives!  He is playful, funny, loving, and training really well.  He is so fast when we play tag in the backyard we can hardly catch up with him!   He’s been so sweet with the other puppies he’s met and doesn’t seem to have any fear of strangers.   He loves being with us – the only time he cries is when we leave the house.  As a testament to how much we love him we are ready to get back on the waitlist 🙂   Thank you for raising him in such a loving environment — I feel very fortunate to have met his mother Reba and it’s clear just how much you adore these little furry friends.

All the best,


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  1. Dee says:

    Thank you to Winston’s family for the update. It’s reassuring to me, and I’m sure to others on the waiting list, to feel we’ve made a good choice in choosing Jennifer and Pinewood for our Cavapoo pups.

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