The second week

So the puppies have now hit the two week mark. There’s not a whole bunch going on between week one and week two. The pups spend their time eating and sleeping mostly. They are definitely growing! Mom is still cleaning them up and they scoot around the whelping kennel to move from point A to point B. They are still fairly quiet too with nary a peep coming from their bed. When you’re tummy is full and all your needs met, there’s no reason to complain. 😉

Ribbons have been changed or adjusted, toenails trimmed again. They are still getting weighed every morning and we continued with ENS (Early Neurological Stimulation). This will end on day 16. Kisses and cuddles are still administered also. 😍

This next week should bring some exciting changes as the puppies eyes and ears open and they start becoming more aware of their surroundings. And next week we will introduce each pup with their new names!



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  1. I get so excited when these are posted!! 🙂

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