Usually when I have a young litter of puppies and I hear whining, I go check to make sure everything is okay. It usually means mom is laying on someone, they’re off the bed and can’t find mom, or they’re not getting enough to eat.

That is not the case with Rosie’s pups. Pretty much every time I hear fussing, it ends up being a nursing puppy that’s making all the noise!

I think Rosie is part cow. Her pups were all born at good weights and never lost any. (Sometimes like with human babies, a puppy will drop a bit of weight from it’s birth weight to the next weigh-in.) Rosie’s pups have steady gained weight from the beginning and all look like butterballs (like their mother).

I’m pretty sure the complaining I’m hearing is the puppy trying to swallow his meal as fast as it’s coming out of mom!​


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