The drama queen..

…that wasn’t!

Seriously, Treasure is very much like her dad, Noah; verbal, sensitive; total drama queen. They both like to “talk” to me when they get excited. And have a sensitive temperament, meaning; they would never be good police dogs 😉 hehe. If you happen to pull a hair when they are being brushed, you’ll get a “yelp!” If you’re walking and accidentally collide with one of them, “Yipe!” It’s like you purposefully kicked them (insert eye roll). Total Hollywood stars. Wait! Maybe I should get them agents and get their careers started….

But I digress…the reason why I was telling you all that was because I figured since this was going to be Treasure’s first litter and she was so sensitive, that the poor girl would probably be yelping and crying through the labor pains.

But she was so quiet! :O Seriously, she was a total trooper! I was so pleasantly surprised. And I’m very pleased to watch her turn into a very caring, gentle mother.

Yep, Treasure has delivered her trinkets; all seven of them!


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3 Responses to The drama queen..

  1. Eleda/adele says:

    A treasure chest! Congratulations!

  2. Dee says:

    Treasure & Noah’s family jewels. 😁

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