Don’t worry, this isn’t a post about canine fertility or anything. 😉

We have a pretty little flock of chickens here on the “farm”. And boy, have those girls been doing their job pumping out the eggs!


I love all the colors we get!


Check out my refrigerator. And that was after I took a dozen and a half out!

So not only is hubby getting a fried egg sandwich in his lunch tomorrow, but the dogs are getting some eggs with their dinner tonight! (You don’t see yolks that color in store bought eggs!)


So if you to drive here to visit or pick up your pup, and happen to need some eggs; just let me know. They’re $4 a dozen, from happy, free range (until I plant my flowers and garden) chickens! And the $4 goes to help feed some orphans in India. <3

It’s a good deal all around.

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    Hi…Where are you located?

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