Special names

I’d like to introduce our new puppies to you and tell you about their special names. Since we had such a tough go at things that day, these names actually came to mind quite easily.

Since I was hoping and praying that Reba would have at least one live puppy to mother, Samuel seemed appropriate. (meaning “God has heard”) If you’re familiar with the story of Hannah and her baby in the Bible, it will make sense.


“Samuel” a black tuxedo male

And then since this is Faith’s last litter before she retires, and she only ended up with two little ones, they are pretty precious. What other things do we consider precious, treasured and valuable; why, gems and jewels of course!

Let me introduce Faith’s two girls..


“Ruby” an apricot female


“Pearl” a black and tan female



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10 Responses to Special names

  1. Dee says:

    They are precious. Well done with the names. 😊


    Thank you for sharing these 3 miracles.


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  3. Patti says:

    Perfect names for those special pups!

  4. briankimhayes says:

    Oh my! Your inspiration seems perfect! We have thought Ruby might be the name we choose for our future gir!😍

  5. Mickey Stein says:

    Beautiful pups!

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