Sunday, June 25th

This was the biggest delivery day yet! Six puppies were heading home; four from Allie’s litter, one from Jules’ and one from Treasure’s litter. Needless to say, I was up late the night before grooming and bathing everyone and making sure all their essentials were ready to go the next morning.

The quickest way to Spokane airport for me is to take the Inchelium-Gifford ferry across the Columbia River then head south. The ferry is about a fifteen minute drive from our house.

I usually load the puppies up at the last minute so they don’t really have time to potty before we hit the road. But with the ferry so close, it makes the perfect first potty stop. As soon as I’m parked on the ferry, I let the pups out in the bed of my truck with their litter box to have their first break.


This is Butch, our favorite ferry driver/operator/captain (or whatever his official title is)!

Then we load back into our crates and head on down the road. We’ll have another potty break when we get into Spokane at the airport.



Sunday was our first pup to meet her new family; new sister dog included. Aren’t they cute together?


Then Harley went home with his excited family!


Third in line to head home was our petite little Elza.


Another excited family came to pick up sweet Sally and take her home.

After I met the first four families, I headed over to the airport terminal to meet the last two and hand off their puppies.


Morris was our puppy traveling the farthest distance, as he headed home to Tennessee with his new family.


And little Harry was finally the last puppy to be delivered into his mom’s arms.

I think I’m going to need to go on a diet though….


Seriously?! Truffles <3


Oh, man…did I just drool on my computer screen? 😉

And then on the way home, I stopped at my favorite place for a quick lunch.

A busy, but fruitful day!


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