I’ve mentioned this before, but once a month a group from church visits a local nursing home to sing with the residents. This month it was Bialy’s turn to do some “visiting”.013It’s much safer to have your dog contained in a crate while riding in a car, but I still like my dogs to know how to ride nicely, loose. This was her first time riding loose in the car with me. She was a bit of a wiggly worm for a while, but then settled down some.017And when we got there she went right to work checking all the new sights and smells out.025026031And making friends! This lady just loved her! <3035037039I took her outside to see if she needed to potty. It wasn’t quite as convenient as using the litter box in the bed of my truck. 043And when we got back inside, her new friend was waiting for us. In fact, the lady didn’t know where I’d gone with Bialy and she came looking for us! She would ask to hold her for a while (and yes, she liked getting lots of puppy kisses!), then she would tell me I could take her. Then she’d ask for her back again and start all over loving her. It was precious. <3044Finally, the singing was over and we went back outside. Thankfully, they have a nice little lawn area that was perfect for our next potty break.048She’s definitely use to tall men lugging her around. 😉050“Mom, what is dad doing to me?”  I think she looks like the dog on The Grinch that Stole Christmas. hehe052 We went to visit a old friend at another nursing facility, before heading home.055And when mom forgets the water dish, puppy gets to drink out of the top off dad’s water bottle. (Honest, it was his suggestion!)067Little miss finally crashed out for a nap. (Seriously honey, he need to clean your car out!)


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