The dilemma

One thing I don’t like to do during the puppy matching process, is skip people and move on down my list. But unfortunately, sometimes I have to.

My normal practice is to first send an email. Most of the time I hear back from people the first day. If I haven’t heard back within two days, then I will use the provided phone number and give them a call. Sometimes the email has ended up in their spam folder, sometimes they’re just too busy to respond, and sometimes they’re away on a trip or something. And sometimes all I get is a voice mail and can only leave a message. With modern technology it’s easy to access emails from just about anywhere. But I know most people don’t worry about such things on vacation.

But if I’ve emailed, called and left a message and I’m still not getting any response, then unfortunately, I have to move on down my list and talk to the next person in line. I don’t like doing that. I feel bad thinking someone might be missing out on a puppy they have been waiting for.

That’s why it’s so important to sign up for email notifications on the blog if you’re on our waiting list; so you know what’s happening currently. A lot of people will let me know they’re going away for such and such a dates, but they are ready for their puppy. That is super helpful.

So continue on we will. It’s all part of the complicated job of matching puppies.

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