Time to move

No, not me; the puppies!

Yep, Sunday was a good day to move Lucy and her babies into a bigger “house”. Now that they were starting to crawl and toddle more, those little legs needed more room to roam. And it was time to introduce those little bodies to the litter box!



So I set up the smaller puppy play pen in the living room right by the front door. I only have so many spots downstairs that will accommodate that size of a playpen (and my big ones only fit upstairs in the puppy room). I always start out with the UGOdog litter box or something similar. Little legs cannot maneuver over the sides of anything bigger at this age. The UGOdog is flat so they can just toddle off their bed to the “bathroom”.


Since the weather is still nice, we won’t have to worry about a cold draft coming in every time the door is used. And that way they will get to see everyone coming and going and be a part of the household activities and visitors.

017I woke them up right before I moved them, so I made sure the first place they landed was the litter box. They weren’t to sure about the big, new space without mom.

022But once mom arrived they were happy and settled in for some lunch.

024Later I found a couple puppies nosing around mom’s food dish!

027And they don’t even have teeth yet! :O



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4 Responses to Time to move

  1. Dee says:

    Too cute!!! πŸ˜‰

  2. Kailan says:

    These are adorable!
    – Kailan

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