A funny thing happened..

So I was in Spokane on Monday with the three oldest youngsters (does that even make sense?) getting their eyes checked by the ophthalmologist. These are the three Poodle babies I kept from our Poodle a litter a little over a year ago. They were now old enough to have their eyes “certified”.

049The smaller, light brown is Hazel and the guy staring at the camera is Jasper. (Jasper just had a cyst removed from his nose, hence the scabby looking thing).

047And this is my beautiful Tansy. Tansy just finished being in season.

So the pups were good waiting in the waiting room for their turn. Until the big dog walked in and they all felt the need to bark at it! Oh, brother..

Shortly after, we were escorted in the exam room and met the doctor. I scooped Jasper up first and plopped him on the table for his exam. Next was Tansy and last we did Hazel. After I had set Tansy back down on the floor, her nosy brother started sniffing her. (boys!). So I scooped her back up and let her sit on the table while the doctor examined Hazel’s eyes.

The doctor finished up and I put the girls on the floor, finished talking with the doctor and was ready to head out the door when my eyes went downward….*sigh

Jasper! I quickly picked him up, as the doctor says, “No, no, that’s your sister”. I won’t go into the details, but you can imagine what was (trying) to take place.

And so goes the life of a dog breeder. 😉

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