Cheese monsters

Lucy’s pups had their first clicker training session. Some people start this type of thing closer to four weeks, but I find that Cavapoos aren’t quite ready at that age. Every breed (and individual pup for that matter) will hit developmental markers at different stages.

The first couple sessions are called “powering up the clicker”. Basically we’re teaching the puppy that when they hear that particular sound that something good will follow. The sessions are always kept short, maybe a minute per pup (and this is done individually).

So basically it’s; click/treat, click/treat, click/treat, etc.

We’ll do a second and possibly third similar session before we move forward with a game or behavior, where we will use the clicker to “mark” and reward a behavior that we’re looking for.

It’s so fun to watch these little minds working and learning!


The only problem is, I’m creating CHEESE MONSTERS!

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