Play hard, sleep harder


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  1. ahuva hammer says:

    just wondering i see you are building a new kennel, does that mean you will be able to have puppies available more frequently? We have a male blendheim cavapoo that is a therapy dog. In about a year we are looking for a female partner. He is neutered as all therapy animals must be, no breeding just a companion for him and another partner to help others for me. I am on your list and am very impressed with the work you do with the puppies. Thanks for sharing all the love you give them. Looking forward to hearing back from you.

    • Hi, (whoever you are on my waiting list; since ahuva hammer is not on my list) hehe yes, we are expanding the dog house to give the dogs more room. Not sure if we’ll be having “more” puppies because of it though. Just giving the ones I have more room. I do most of the hands on dog activities and can only spread myself and the dogs so thin. But we seem to raise enough babies to keep those on our wait list happy:)

      • ahuva hammer says:

        wonderful, i am happy that you are able to continue to give the wonderful care you do, and the quality and care to your puppies wont be changing. If i want a puppy in about a year from now when should i put my name on the list, and thanks for responding so quickly? Many thanks again

      • Oh! I thought you said you were already on the list! Sorry for my confusion. Umm…it depends on what you want. If you want our most requested combo red/apricot female then you should get on now. If you are open to color and gender the wait may be more like 3-6 months. Thanks!

      • ahuva hammer says:

        i am open to color but not gender. It would be important to have a pack drived calm submissive female puppy to be a therapy dog. We had a bad experience with a supposed reputable breeder who gave me the wrong puppy and the dog needed therapy herself. As i watch the videos you send i see that you do alot with noisy toys and movement, slides etc, and i also love the potty training you do. the only exception in terms of color would not be a black faced puppy as kids could be afraid of black. My dream would be a sable or sable parti female, or a buff solid or blenheim like i have now. Another option would be a female buff poodle from Allies new litter. Many thanks and may G_D continue to help you help bring lots of love to all through your puppies

      • Great! Thanks. Just make a note of your preferences on you application 😊

  2. Kailan says:

    They are so cute when they cuddle together!

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