Hurry, honey!

I know, he’s working as fast as he can, but there’s still lots to do. It is coming along though. And don’t worry, the dogs will still have the former dog house to hang out in when the weather gets chilly. They’ll just be a bit snug for a while until the new addition is finished which will give them (and me) lots more room.

The new side is going to be more “finished” than the first one by the time he is through too. We never got as far as sheet rocking the first house (that’s another project). But since this one is empty still, he’s able to get further along with “finishing” things.

059Pink cotton candy going in. 😉

060Then the plastic covers that up.

062Good job, honey.

095096After the insulation and plastic, came the OSB and sheetrock. OSB (which will be painted) on the bottom half, because, well, the dogs would love to get their toenails into that sheetrock and dig out patches.

097The area where the door will go between the old house and the new house.

099Got the lid done too!

And so it continues. 🙂

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