I messed up

I just updated the wait list again, because….I messed up. I failed to get someone on there that was suppose to be..total oversight on my part! So I apologize if you look and see your number has changed and you’re a number lower on the list than you were before.


On a happy note; as soon as our current puppies are matched, I will update the list again, and most people will be moving up!

Thank you all for your patience in the process and choosing to get your future puppy from us! ❤

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2 Responses to I messed up

  1. Jenae says:

    Hello, how do I see the waitlist?


    • Hi Jenae,
      It has it’s own page on the website; hover over “Cavapoos” the drop down menu shows up. Then hover over the first choice; Cavapoo Availability” and the wait list should pop out to the right; click on it. Let me know if you can’t find it 🙂


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