What’s going on around here?

So what’s going on around here? I know, I post pictures and videos, but it’s been a while since you all had an update! So let me get you caught up on puppy happenings!

First off, the older the puppies get, the more work they are! So I’m pretty busy with just the day to day activities, clean-up, training, etc.

Precious is weaned completely off her mom, Jules. And she has the 3×3 puppy pen all to herself. She spends time with the Poodles pups also and has her play times with them too. She’s not real thrilled about being in her puppy pen alone, but she’s learning and will have a jump start when she gets home and has a puppy pen there too. She has been matched up with her forever home, has her vet check up this week and will be heading home next Sunday!


So Flower and her pups got moved into one of the 4×4 puppy pens. They were using a small plastic crate to sleep in, but I just bumped them up a size to the wire crate. They’re now getting their food in the crate also, so they learn it’s a great place to hang out. They are spending more time away from mom each day too, and have had their first clicker session.

177Tummies full! It’s nap time.179Allie’s Poodle pups are in the other 4×4 puppy pen. They are now completely weaned off of mom also.

I have set up four wire crates in the puppy room and Allie’s pups along with Precious are getting some crate time in small increments as they get served their meals there. I’m continuing on with clicker training sessions with them also.180 We’re starting the puppy matching process for Flower’s pups. They will be heading to their new homes along with Allie’s male Poodle puppy (he is available!) on Sunday, December 17th. I will not be holding any puppies past the delivery day this time. It’s too close to the holidays and I will be busy with the two Poodle girls that I am keeping myself. Please plan accordingly if you are hoping to be matched with one of these pups.

All the pups are continuing on with de-wormings and age appropriate vaccines. I’ve made vet appointments for all their check-ups already also.

Busy, fun times continue!

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