What a good girl

Precious had a big day today, and she was a trooper!

She rode all the way to the vet in her crate (mostly) quiet. She had a couple sessions of complaining, then settled down quietly for the remainder of the ride, a little over an hour away.

Once we arrived, she had a potty break in the back of the truck.

144153I found a little sweater in my stash for her since it’s freezing out. Our high temperature today was probably 30. :O It’s a bit small on her. She looks like she’s saying, “Does this sweater make my butt look big?” hehehe

Once we got inside she was a bit unsure what was going on. And then people started talking to her, and the wiggles and licks started coming. 🙂

160Dr. Jesse is giving her her exam and feeling her tummy. This is usually done with the puppy standing on the table, but Precious was so excited she started climbing up into the assistant’s arms. It ended up being a mid-air exam. 😉

162Dr Jesse trying  to listen to Precious’ heart and lungs. Look at the look on Precious’ face. She wants to give the doctor a kiss so bad!

163Mission accomplished! Lick, lick lick.

164“I’ll just keep wiggling, right on through your stethoscope, doc.”

165Don’t forget to check the ears. This is probably one of the hardest parts for a puppy; restraint while the doctor uses an otoscope to look in the ears.

We wrapped up our time at the vet and headed down the road towards home. But not before stopping for a couple of errands in town.

I tucked her in my coat as we wandered through the feed store. Then stopped at my mobile office (WalMart) where she napped in her crate while I worked on my computer and ran inside for a quick bathroom break;)

It’s was a long afternoon, but she was a little trooper!


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