I love updates!

Just got this email this morning <3 (Included were about a dozen pictures, but I’ll just share a few.)

“Hi Jennifer!! It has been so long since the day of craziness when you handed me Pierce at the airport after a total debacle of flight delays. (I did a post about that! https://pinewoodcavapoos.com/2016/08/10/the-fastest-puppy-hand-off-ever/) I have been meaning to send you updates but of course, in the busy turn of life I have never gotten around to it. But I wanted to reach out and let you know that Pierce, who we renamed Rafa, has been the ultimate joy of our family and the most amazing addition. I don’t think we could’ve ever imagined a more wonderful dog in the history of dogs!!!

Of course, we were all excited about adding a puppy to our family but my husband K was a bit skeptical. And as it would turn out Rafa and K are so in love with each other it is totally obnoxious.  Rafa has the most amazing personality. He is playful, energetic, funny and very smart. He potty trained very easily.  He loves other dogs big and small, and he loves other people big and small. He is so friendly and we can take him anywhere without any worries. He is 100% healthy and has been so since he arrived.

He has the most beautiful markings, an amazing silky coat and he does not shed at all. My kids who have a dog allergy tolerate him perfectly. He is a total cuddler and true to his lap dog nature as he has to be sitting on someone’s lap if were sitting down relaxing watching TV. But he’s also very adventurous and loves to run in fields and stir up birds and all kinds of fun outdoor things. He does watch TV and barks at dogs when they come on TV. We think it’s hilarious but I’m sure when we have company they think it’s different. Ha!

You and your family have given us the greatest gift. I cannot imagine our lives without Rafa. Thank you so much for everything you did in order for us to have this wonderful member of our family. I loved all the information I received from being on your waiting list. Your website was so informative. You gave me everything I needed in order to bring him home and he has just been amazing.

If you ever need additional reference please feel free to reach out to me. Here are some pictures of Rafa. And I will periodically keep in touch.

Rafa was Pierce from Faith and Sundae’s *MASH litter born 5/28/16.
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  1. Patti says:

    Peter and I loved reading this! Lucy looks just like her older brother! It was fun to read that he has the same personality traits as Lucy. She also loves everyone and every dog, watches tv, and barks at dogs on the tv. She also barks at cats and horses. Our lap is her favorite place to lay. Thank you for sharing this.

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