Weekly therapy

I got my very own first dog when I was around seventeen. Of course, we had family dogs over the years, but this one I picked out, paid for and took care of myself. She was supposed to be half German Shepherd and half Australian Shepherd, but she looked more like a Golden/Aussie cross. I called her Tawny.

Tawny was my best buddy, but unfortunately, I didn’t know much about socializing puppies at that stage in my life, so I kind of kept her to myself, which was a big mistake. She was kind of reserved and fearful, to begin with. Add to that personality the lack of socialization and you end up with a fear-biter and an anti-social “liability”.

When she was about a year old I met someone who’s family showed purebred dogs. His dad suggested I enroll her in an obedience class. To make a long story shorter, it took a long time, but it sure helped this dog come out of her shell, gain confidence and start enjoying life and people more.

One thing lead to another and I got my first purebred dog and started showing in conformation and obedience shows. In the meantime, I had gotten married. As the years passed we added the first two kiddos and I was still into the dog show scene.

Being a full-time stay-at-home mom to rambunctious, twin boys called for a much-needed break once in a while. So I used to tell my husband that that one night a week at dog class was my “therapy”.

Which leads me to this current week. I started “therapy” again. 😉

Every April a local 4-H leader in our area puts on a basic dog obedience class in town. I’ve been going to her class for years now. There’s always a dog around here that needs training…..hehe

It’s a nice break from my normal routine. It’s fun to get out with other dog lovers and train. My kids are grown and out of the house now, so I can’t use the “need” of going to have a break from them. Although my husband is home full time now…..I’ll just leave it right there. 😉 bhahaha! (just kidding, honey!)

This year the trainer is doing class two nights a week instead of her normal one. So being the glutton for punishment that I am, I signed up for both nights, with two different dogs.

I’m taking my German Shepherd, Cajsa on Tuesdays.

Cajsa hadn’t had her first rabies vaccination yet (required for class) so we headed into town earlier for a quick vet appointment and shot.

She heard people and activity beyond the exam room door.

Then finally got comfortable and laid down…just before the doctor came in.

We had some time to kill before class started so we head to my favorite farm store for a few minutes.

Looking for the perfect treat

“This one?”

“Just give it to me, mom!”

Learning to ride nicely in the back seat. 😊

I need to remember to put a larger dog bowl in the truck for water breaks instead of the puppy-sized one that I had.

You can tell she was really stressed about being there. 😉

There are usually a few German Shepherds at class.

And the fun thing about this class is Cajsa gets to take it with her sister.  Sister was a bit nervous around other dogs so we didn’t get any close interaction between the two this first week.

Then Thursday night rolled around and I was back to town for my next class.

I had to change into a whole different technique and mode of training with this little guy. A German Shepherd’s temperament and size are much different than most Cavaliers.

Justice is such a cute little guy ❤️ A chip off the ol’ block. (He’s is Dickens’ son).

Cuddle time after class.

And now the real work starts; practicing consistently and learning so we can pass the CGC (AKC’s Canine Good Citizenship) test at the end of the six weeks.

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  1. Dianne M. says:

    Little Pippa is taking her intermediate puppy class. She does really well. We are so proud of our smart little lady🐶👍

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