Puppy matching question

I had a really good question this morning regarding matching our current puppies, so I thought I would share here and give a bit more detail on what’s actually going on:)

In my last puppy post, I mentioned that I needed to hear from those getting Rosie puppies about our delivery day. And the question was posed “Have all the puppies had been matched already?”

The answer is “no”. But we have an idea who will be getting the Rosie pups.

Normally, I match the older pups first, but we have so many people wanting the red versions, that they are being chosen first. So I started contacting those at the top of my list. Our first puppy was matched with our #2 person. Then I’ve had several people that passed for various reasons. The next person in line is waiting until the Rosie pups are a bit older to see a bit more of them and their personalities. So I’m hoping within the next week that will happen and the matching will continue. The next five people after her all want red puppies, so if everything lines up gender-wise, it looks like the Rosie pups will be matched within the first eleven people. That’s no guarantee, but that’s how things are looking. (You never know if someone might pass because we don’t end up with the gender available that they wanted.)

So if that’s the case, then Lucy’s three blenheim boys will most likely be available starting with our #12 person. We’ll work down this list until they are matched. There are some people in that area of the list that have already told me they only want a female or a red puppy, so I assume several people will pass on the blenheim boys.  If you are somewhere in that part of the list and are interested in one of the boys, feel free to shoot me an email.

So you see how complicated the matching process can be. I try to give those down below the area that I’m working on a “heads up” to let them know they are in the running for a puppy. But I don’t want to contact too many people and get their hopes up, then have to tell them the pups are all matched.

I hope that all makes sense and explains a bit about what is happening. Please let me know if anyone has questions.

Thanks for your patience during this process. We value each and every one of you!

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