We’ve had puppy visitors. Hey, even if it is just a relative stopping in for a moment, they’re a visitor to these little puppies. 😉

Our aunt and uncle stopped by so I convinced her to hold each puppy. I didn’t have to twist her arm either.

Sweet Sangria even feel asleep❤️

Then I roped my sweet sister-in-law into stopping by after her walk. 😉

I love his different colored ears; one brown, one white! (Breezy)

Cuddle time!

And since my kids are grown, I have to borrow little humans to help socialize my puppies. Thankfully I have several friends in the neighborhood with kiddos. There’s usually always someone willing to come visit and play with puppies.

This was Lucy’s puppies first introduction to children and they met them with exuberance and wagging tails!Attack of the ear-licker! Look at that tail go!

And since Rosie’s pups are a week younger, and smaller, we opted to have the kids sit on the couch to hold them.

And we gave them cheese treats👍

We Love our puppy “trainers”, dirty knees and all! 😉

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  1. Cathy w Renshaw says:

    Adorable pictures. Is breezy spoken for?

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