Puppy matching update

So I’m happy to say that all the people that we have lined up for Rosie puppies (I’ve talked to the top people that want those colors. We just haven’t matched them all yet) are going to be able to help me out and meet as one big group on Sunday, the 10th. Wahoo!
Thanks, everyone 🙂
We’ve never done this before, but I’m interested to see how it goes with such a big group and so many puppies. Hopefully, it will go smoothly.
It might give everyone (that is interested) a chance to exchange contact information in case they want to get together later for playdates too.
We have matched the first Rosie puppy (our green collar boy, Brick) and I’m hoping to hear back from the next person in line within the next 24 hours. Then we will continue on down the list matching Rosie puppies (since so many people want those colors, they are being matched first).
I have moved down the list past the people wanting red puppies and am now contacting people about Lucy’s beautiful Blenheim boys!
And as usual, I’m getting further down the list then anticipated. Several people have passed on Rosie and Lucy pups for various reasons, and I’ve found a few people that let me know they had already found a puppy elsewhere.
It’s always an interesting process when we match puppies and an exciting one!
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