Change of plans

Yesterday was the Saturday that our church goes to a local rest home to sing for the residents. So after lunch, I grabbed Hope, got in the car and hubby and I headed off to town.

We were traveling down the Inchelium “highway” (okay, it’s only a two-lane country road, but it is our main road) when my husband suddenly swerved violently (I was looking down). He thought there was a rag in the road, but as he was almost upon it,  he realized it was a kitten and had to veer quickly to the right (we ended up on the dirt shoulder) to avoid hitting it.

Of course, I’m spazzing out, “What was that all about?!” He was “there are a couple kittens on the road!” (We’re still moving along the shoulder at this point) and of course when he said that, I’m like; “Stop the car! Pull over! We’re not leaving them there!” (Not that he would’ve kept going or anything.)

I get out quickly, but slowly approached this poor little kitten (maybe six weeks old?) who’s trying to make his whole one and half pound self-bigger by fluffing up and hissing, spitting and swatting at me. Poor guy was scared to death! He had a spot of blood by his nose from most likely hitting the asphalt at who-knows-what speed.

As I was trying to figure how to catch this wild, scared creature, I glanced up and back several yards down the road where the first kitten had been sitting alongside the road. Another car had stopped and I realized it was friends of ours that were also heading to town. The kids managed to catch that kitten. (It wasn’t nearly as mad as mine). Thankfully, I had a flannel shirt over my t-shirt and used that to drop over the top of the terrified kitty and then pick him up securely.

Hubby and I ended up taking them to my vet and skipped our singing.

(Hopie ended up with a nice long car ride and nap instead of visiting the seniors. She didn’t seem to mind)

Both kittens got checked out. The long-haired one had some abrasions; his chin, above one toenail and the end of his bobtail. The short-haired guy just ended up with the blood by his nose.

My friend ended up taking the one home that they picked up. My vet has a non-profit where she takes in strays, injured or sick animals that people can’t take care of and also injured or sick wild critters, so I left the other kitten with her.

I don’t’ know if someone dumped these two babies or if by chance they had climbed up under someone’s car or engine area and then dropped out on the road. I’m just glad God put us in the right place at the right time!

I would love to help my vet’s non-profit out (It’s called Wayward Creatures on Facebook)  She looked at these two babies at no charge and kept the one that we couldn’t take home. She takes in strays, injured, owner-releases that can’t afford to pay for their pets, and wild orphaned and injured critters. (Plus as a vet she takes care of all my furr-kids, answers my questions and calls at all hours of the day and night! She is not rich by any means (lives in a humble mobile home with all her creatures).

So if you this story touched your heart and you’d like to help this kitten and many others wayward creatures please feel free to donate (She appreciates any amount) through PayPal at this email ( Thanks, bunches!

P.S. I got updates on both kitties and they are both feeling much better and happier today. <3

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  1. Dee says:

    Bless your heart, you are a true saint. Who knows what would’ve happened if you hadn’t stopped to help those kittens. Big hugs to you, your vet and friends for your humanity. 💕

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