Heath certificate update

Hey, everyone!

I just talked with my vet about health certificates. One of our adopters flying in from out of state was letting me know her state required one.

In the past, I had understood that only dogs flying via cargo or those crossing into Canada were required to have a health certificate. But after talking to my vet yesterday, she let me know that most states require a health certificate for any dog crossing the border (whether it be flying; cargo or cabin or driving). Now, there may be some states that don’t require it, but to be on the safe side we’re going to assume this is true of all states.

So from now on, I’m going to be getting health certificates for each puppy that will be going to its new home out of the state of Washington. You may never be asked to provide it if you cross a border or board a plane with your puppy, but we want to make sure you and your puppy are in compliance and will make it home with all the proper paperwork! This will be an added fee (right now it’s an additional $60). But I will check with my vet and see what kind of a discount she may give for possibly doing multiple health certificates at one visit. Those pups staying in the state of Washington will not need one.

All of our current puppies going home are all lined up for the proper paperwork for those pups traveling out of state.

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    Hi Jennifer,

    FYI – many of the airlines have come up with new regs regarding “service animals” in the cabin (it think the service peacock probably got this started). When I fly w/ Hope to my various destinations, I need to have a health certificate dated less than 10 days before the flight and I also used to need a letter from my doctor or therapist with specific information. Now, Alaska Air has a new policy that my doctor needs to fill out a form provided by the airline instead of just writing me a letter to share.

    Not everyone might realize that airlines are changing their policies so it’s great that you’re reminding people that flying with their puppies might require additional documentation.

    much love,



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