Outdoor Adventures

The puppies are really enjoying their little jaunts to explore and play in the garden!


Kitty on potty break.




Smile, Hoover

What are you doing over there, Kirby?


Doc is on the move now

Oh, Kirby can you help with the laundry?

Doc, that’s my shoe, not a chew toy!

Pretty Kitty


Whatcha’ lookin’ at, Hoover?

Just relaxing a bit (Doc)

Kirby and Doc (with Hoover’s back end)


Here Kitty, Kitty

Kirby and Doc

I love this picture! (Kirby and Festus)

Ah, Marshall! So cute!

Smile, Kirby😀

Hoover chilling in the shade.

Sweet Festus


Now time to eat!

Yummy brunch outside!

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2 Responses to Outdoor Adventures

  1. Olga Standidge says:

    Lovely, lovely puppies🐶🐾❤️

    Sent from my iPad



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