Good (late) morning

I hope our new puppy families made it safely home and got a bit of sleep last night! 😴 (The first few nights can be rough!)
I’m going through the same training process here as I continue to work with Hoover and Kitty (I’m still working on her new name)
Thankfully, the temperature has dropped some and we’ve got a bit of a breeze so the smoke is a tad bit less oppressing this morning. The pups and the teenagers went outside for a bit of (I can’t say fresh air) time to stretch their legs and potty. Hubby and I are wearing masks when we go out to work.
The adults are staying in their house. They get too active running around outside and I don’t want them sucking in any more smoke than necessary. Thankfully, we have shavings in the kennel runs and large litter boxes which they are really good about using when we have inclement weather and they can’t go out.
Jules has successfully delivered her babies. (My husband and sister-in-law assisted with the first one before I got home from Spokane.) As per my usual practice, I will give Jules and her babies a few days to settle in and make sure they are doing well before I divulge any details. So please be patient.  I will tell you they are all beautiful and they are all red. <3
Have a great day everyone! We all have so much to be thankful for <3
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4 Responses to Good (late) morning

  1. Gino says:

    thanks for your up date happy Jules is doing well and had more the one pup.

  2. Judith Chambers says:

    Yes, much to be thankful for! I’m realizing your interesting posts are one of the lifts I get to have—so thank YOU! Judy


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