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The more I read, watch and learn, the more I wish I could put all my dogs on a raw diet. If you’ve never considered it, please do. Although most vets won’t support it. I know mine wouldn’t. But if you do the research you’ll find that this is a more natural diet for our dogs, and they will most likely have fewer health issues and probably live longer.

If you think about all the carbs/starches (rice, potatoes, grains, legumes, etc) that are put in commercial foods (that are then baked), and turn into sugars; it’s not what our dogs should be eating. (Just like you hear how we humans should be eating more “fresh” foods instead of fast food, prepared food, etc.) We all, humans and dogs would be healthier with a more natural diet in my opinion.

At this point, I can’t afford to feed all my dogs a commercially prepared raw diet (some good ones to consider; Primal, Answers, Northwest Naturals, etc) and I don’t have the storage or time to prepare my own. But I can add fresh things to their diet. And what I occasionally do is give them a raw meal. (I’m hoping to do that at least once a week.)

044Here were our ingredients from the last fresh meal. And boy, did they slurp their dinners down!

047Farm fresh eggs

048Mackerel (I rinsed it to get rid of some of the salt since it was in brine).

053Some veggies, this time it was kale and carrots


056Beef liver 😛

050And Kefir

059Dinner’s almost ready!

064Just, a little Kefir “gravy” to top it off and it’s time to eat! The dogs could hardly wait.

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  1. Kimberly says:

    We feed almost exclusively raw and find it great. We did invest in a commercial meat grinder and bag it in 3lb bags. Great to look around and source fresh meats, seasonal veggies, and we are fortunate to live in Alaska where there are no salmon flukes – so ours eat mostly salmon (not ok down south). When we lived in the lower 48 it was good to work with local meat processors and farmers and keep an eye on the after -holiday specials like whole turkeys after thanksgiving. Great way to feed and super healthy.

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