Ways to be helpful

I just wanted to share some things for those on our puppy waiting list. These are ways that can make my life and the whole process for you and me easier.

  • First off, please make sure you have “liked” and are following our Pinewood Kennels Facebook page.
  • Secondly and no less important, please go to our blog website and look under the rotating puppy album on the right for the heading that says “Follow blog via email”. Right under is a box that says “Follow”. Click on that box and you will then get email notifications whenever I post a new blog post. This is super important so you can keep up on all the news (pregnancies, new litters, puppy matching, etc)
  • If for some reason you find a puppy elsewhere or decide you want off our list, please shoot me an email to let me know. That way someone else that is anxiously waiting for a puppy can take your place.
  • If you’re following along and know we have a litter of puppies and you’re towards the top of the list, please reach out to me via our email thread and let me know you’re interested or maybe that you planned a vacation, etc and things won’t work for you this time around.
  • And if you know we have a litter (we start matching around five weeks of age, that’s approximate) please check your email for messages from me and get back to me asap. (Don’t forget your spam folder just in case).


My normal routine for puppy matching is too send out an email. If I don’t hear back within 24 hours, I will call the number you gave me on your puppy application form. If I still hear nothing, then you will be passed and I will move on to the next person in line. (This practice may change to expedite puppy matching so the adopters can get going on their plans sooner. ) So if you’re towards the top of the list, please check your email daily or better yet reach out to me before I email you.

And speaking of emails, please use the same email thread that I started when I responded to your puppy application. Don’t start a new email to me. It’s so much easier if I have all of our correspondence in one email thread.

And one more thing that I don’t even like to bring up, but it seems to come up again and again; when you read through our “Getting a Puppy Page” and go through the application process, our policy clearly states that the $50 application fee is a non-refundable fee to get on the waiting list. This non-fundable fee you agree to pay when you fill out the puppy application forms and get on our waiting list. It is not part of the puppy price. It is not a deposit.  So if you find a puppy elsewhere or decide to get off our list, please do not ask for your “deposit” back. Again, I dislike even bringing this up because most people don’t have a problem with it, but it has happened more times than I’d like to say so I just want to clarify again what our website states.

Thanks, everyone for joining us on this journey and helping make things run more smoothly in the process!

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2 Responses to Ways to be helpful

  1. Dee says:

    Be patient while on the waiting list for your puppy. For me it seemed like for-ev-er, but…
    IT IS SO WORTH IT !! 💕 Also, please keep Jennifer updated on your adoption status, it’s both important and courteous to all.

    I can’t begin to tell you how much I have learned from reading the information Jennifer shares through her website, blog and social media sites. I’ve had dogs practically my whole life but I never flew across country with a new puppy. Where did I find answers to my MANY questions & concerns? From Jennifer’s sites and from Pinewood Cavapoo’s helpful social media community members. 😊

    Jennifer is a wonderful person and dedicated breeder. Her sites are updated on a regular basis with pictures, videos and passages; which sometimes are funny, sometimes are sad, but most importantly they are educational. Take a few minutes to learn how best to prepare & care for your new, smart, sweet, cuddly, fur baby.

    My furry, little guy has been home for almost a year (he’s from Lucy & Noah’s August 2017 litter), and I still read, enjoy, and very much appreciate, Jennifer’s hard work. 👏

    Jennifer, thank you again. 🙏🏼

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