Wednesday was ultrasound day here. We had an assembly line going. With some girls being a little wiggly we actually could’ve used another pair of hands, but we managed.

We did five dogs! Three of them were already confirmed pregnant so I was just trying to get an estimate on the number of pups and two we were hoping to confirm their pregnancy. Of those two, Hazel is confirmed pregnant, but Allie is questionable so we will do another ultrasound in about ten days and check again.

So my “guess” (and it’s only a guess going by what I saw on the ultrasound and each girls’ past history if they’ve had pups before) is…

Mercy~5-6 pups (due October 19)

Rosie~6 pups (due October 22)

Lucy~4 pups (due October 24)

Hazel~3 pups (due November 4)

The due dates are also an estimate. The average gestation is sixty-three days, but the normal range can be from fifty-eight to seventy-one days.

So you can see that fall/winter is going to be much busier than the earlier part of this year. Which means more people will be matched up with their puppy!

Here’s a sneak peek at one of Rosie’s aliens ๐Ÿ˜‰

You can see the spine and ribs on one of Mercy’s aliens.

Those black areas are alien pockets and the little gray area inside are the actual aliens ๐Ÿ˜‰ This is Lucy.

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4 Responses to Aliens

  1. ahuva hammer says:

    wow wee that means about 20 little ones underfoot through the Fall, that will make alot of happy families and you will be deserving a little vacation after they all go home. Cant wait to see how they all turn out, in beautiful colors of fall.

  2. Susan Redmond says:

    Puppies! This is going to be one busy fall! Looks like there will a few families getting Christmas puppies, yes?

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