Today is busy. But actually, most every day is busy. 🙂

At this point, all three of Jules’ puppies are matched with their forever homes! Yay! I’m still in the process of finding that special someone for Genesis. And I have to say that it’s a bit frustrating (sorry, I’m human 😛 ) when people don’t respond even after an email and phone. Nothing. No response. I know life happens, but a quick call or email saying “it’s not working for us right now” would be nice. And because this process can be so time-consuming we’ll be trying something different after this litter is matched. (More on that later).

Jules’ pups are super fun right now. They love playing, exploring and wagging those tails! They’re doing great with their litter box training, sleeping in a crate at night, munching on their puppy food and completely weaned off mom now. We’ve had our first two “powering up the clicker” sessions and they’re already turning into cheese monsters. 😉

Genesis is at the stage where we’ll be giving her some little challenges, having time away from mom, exposing her to different sounds and some nice classical music. I should have her new picture up later today.

Mercy had her bath (she’s our next mom-to-be; sister of Hope and Smudgie), is having her temperature monitored twice a day and getting used to her big, new crate in the living room next to the cozy, wood stove.

And we have another “honeymoon” going on! <3 I’ll give more details later when we’ve confirmed the pregnancy.

Hubby is working on my “project” and he’s going to be able to set the backyard potty “pen” up in just the right spot after all. I just have to get some things organized this morning and then head to town get some supplies for the project, things for the dogs and horses, food for my chickens and upload some fun videos.

Have a great day everyone!

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  1. Mickey says:

    I hope you know that I am still on the waitlist! Desperately trying to wait a bit longer. I think I would be interested in the cavapoos mating with poodles for less shedding. I love your post and look forward to them everyday, you are truly amazing and I cannot wait for a puppy. I fell in love with genesis ! Thanks for all that you do! Mickey Stein


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