Still waiting

Well, I’m still waiting on Mercy. Apparently, she has not read the dog book on the proper sequence of the dog birthing process. She had me going with that lower temperature on Saturday morning. Although that was a bit early on the gestational scale so I’m glad the babies are “baking” a little bit longer.

She’s a bit restless, but nothing major yet. She’s going outside for potty breaks in between napping and restlessly shifting around in her crate (which is parked between the wood stove and “my” couch. Yep, I’m back to sleeping on the couch again). I’m sticking pretty close to the living room (good thing our house is not very big). I head outside for a few minutes at a time to get a few things done and then come back in to check on her again.

I did manage to get the redheads out for some playtime in the garden, helped hubby move some big pallets (which we’re using for the roof trusses on the new dog “potty” pen), and hubby helped me take some adorable puppy pictures. I can’t wait to show them to you!

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2 Responses to Still waiting

  1. Teri Lee says:

    You’re such a good Momma! Sending love to Mercy & her pups! I read “the redheads” as “the rednecks” and it made me laugh.

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