Perfect pick me up

I always love updates and this morning’s was just what I needed after a long restless night with our new litter.

“Hi Jennifer,


I hope you are well. I love following Pinewood Cavapoos via email and Instagram! It’s so much fun to watch each of your new litters as they grow and ultimately find their forever homes.


Since Cubbie is turning 2 years old this week on October 25th, I wanted to reach out and provide an update. Cubbie is a wonderful dog who has brought so much joy to my life; I can’t imagine my life without him now. Cubbie is affectionate (he’s always looking for someone to cuddle with or give him a belly rub), playful (he loves to play fetch and tug-of-war), clever (he anticipates my commands in order to secure himself a treat), and happy (his tail is constantly wagging). Since he loves being with people and other dogs rather than alone, Cubbie spends his days with dog sitters while I’m at work. He has an amazing group of sitters whom he adores, and who adore him in return. Cubbie has made some great “doggie friends” among the other dogs his sitters care for, including Kingsley, Neptune, Mozzie, and Sherlock – all pictured below with Cubbie. I think my dog has a larger social network than I do! And, in fact, I know that he has a larger social media following than I do (your readers can follow him at @CubbieTheCavapoo).

Anyways, below are a few of my favorite pictures of Cubbie. Thanks again for taking such wonderful care of Cubbie during his formative months. I know that he’s got such a sweet temperament in part because he came from such a loving home from birth.

Take care,

L & Cubbie”

IMG_0808A5746449-F847-44DF-8B0B-9AF9ADF343C1IMG_05160Happy birthday, Cubbie!!


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  1. Dee says:

    Thank you for sharing this update. I regularly followed your posts while Cubbie was in your progressive puppy program and fell in love. 😍 I’m so happy he’s in a loving home and has lots of friends. Cavapoos are the BEST!!! 🐾💕🐾

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