Poor hubby is having a challenging time getting that winter potty area done in the backyard because a lot of the time the “teenagers” are out there with him. (We’re trying to spend as much time outside while the weather is still nice.) And of course, being the curious puppies that they are, they were in the middle of everything while he was trying to work.

The other day he was digging down a bit so he could lay wire on the ground, then cover it back with dirt to keep them from digging in the pen. Of course, they were right there in the way.

He called out and asked if I could bring them inside.

Then a couple minutes later he yelled, “Nevermind, I got it!”

Curious, as to how he was keeping them out of his work area I went out into the backyard to see this….


The most curious and investigative of the pups had gone into the dog run (after he had moved it aside to work on the wire “floor”) to nose around and promptly got shut in!

Problem solved! Baby girl, Cayenne, and Raven were not being so nosey and “in the way” so they were pardoned from “jail”.  😉

And Sage, Aurora, and Finn didn’t have to stay in there long either. 😀

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