Today we go back in time, (a week or so) but I wanted to share about the puppies vet visit last week. All of our puppies got in to see our vet for a thorough exam and stool sample check before they head home to their forever families.

So Thursday, I packed up Jules’ pups and Jules and headed to the vet for our appointment. They were so good on the long car ride, not a single peep was heard from the backseat. Although poor, little Ember got carsick and lost her lunch.

The doctor checked over each puppy from head to tail. Then each one received their microchip. And the technician checked the stool sample that I brought along. She came out at the end of the visit to tell me that the sample was so boring, “there was nothing in it.” Which is of course, what we like to hear!

My vet has a form which is filled out after the puppy’s exam and I send that home in each puppy’s puppy packet with their new family. I got the file from my vet long ago, so I can fill out each puppy’s form and print it before we go to our appointment.

Jules also went along to have the full “make-over”. She stayed the night and the next day had a thorough check-up (everything checked out normal; we even got her OFA heart certification redone even though she will not be reproducing any longer), lab work, her rabies vaccination, a dental cleaning and was spayed. She is now “officially” retired and recuperating nicely.


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    So glad that jules has had all her necessary medical care. We look forward to coming to adopt her (pinewood kennels retirement home) this month, before thanksgiving. I’ll give you a call this week to discuss arrangements.

    Much love,


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  2. Gino says:

    how old is Jules

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