New Puppy Matching Process; please read if you are in the top fifty on our list!

Since our last litters were matched and have gone home (except Genesis), I want to give a “heads up” to those on our waiting list that we’re going to try something new with our newest batch of puppies and the matching process.

Normally, I start at the top of my list and work down; sending the person an email and if I don’t hear back within a day, calling next. If there is no response within 48 hours, I keep moving down my list. As you can imagine this is time-consuming and if people don’t respond quickly then it can take several days or weeks to get in touch with everyone, give them time to decide/discuss their options and get all the puppies matched.

The problem with this is it sometimes it doesn’t give those that are flying in (or driving from a distance) a lot of time to make plans. We all know that buying a plane ticket at the last minute is more costly.

So I’m planning a puppy matching day which I’ve set for Sunday, November 18th. The three oldest litters (Mercy, Rosie & Lucy’s) will be in that four to five-week age-range. I’d like to get all three of those litters matched with their forever families on that day.  I know we might have to have another day later for Hazel’s pups since they will be a bit young at that point. But that will get the majority matched so those people can start making plans. So if you are from #1- #50 on the list (I’m sure a few people will pass or drop off ) please plan accordingly and be available that day for a phone call or email message. 

And leading up to that day, I will be posting pictures of each puppy with some descriptions of what I see personality-wise and as many videos as I can. Each family should then pick out their top three favorites so you have an idea who you’re interested in when we talk.

I hope this will make the puppy matching process flow along and give everyone plenty of time to make plans for picking up their puppy.

Also, please be aware of each litter’s delivery day to make sure it fits in your schedule and that you can fit a puppy in your life at this busy time of year. 🙂

Tentative delivery dates for each litter (I will be meeting everyone in Spokane, hopefully as a group on each delivery day.)

Mercy~Sunday, December 9th

Rosie~Sunday, December 16th

Lucy~Sunday, December 23rd (I know, this may not work, which I totally understand) so then it would be December 30th.

Hazel~Sunday December 30th.

If you are in the top fifty, please feel free to email me (on our original email thread) to let me know you are in on the plan and what you’re interested in.

Thanks, everyone for your cooperation and making this easier for everyone!

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