A busy weekend

The weekend started on Friday. I loaded the truck up with dogs (okay, only three 😉 ) and headed to our vet appointment.

Genesis got her check-up by Dr Jes, got her microchip (without a peep out of her), a stool sample checked, then we got the paperwork filled out (puppy health sheet, microchip info, and health certificate) and she was done!

Reba and Baby Girl came too. They got baths but I didn’t have time to groom the shaggy beasts! Poor Reba had an ear that she was scratching so I brought her to have that checked. And yep, she had an infection so we got that fixed up and she’s on the way to healing. And Baby Girl, got a check-up and her rabies vaccination.

Then on Sunday, I headed out to Spokane with Genesis and Baby Girl.

This beautiful, dainty little girl has been living with us since she was born almost a year ago. Unlike, her friendly, outgoing big brother Finn, she has always been on the timid side and very submissive. Although she loves life and plays with glee, and is a little sweetheart she lacks confidence and seems to be more suited for a quiet, lap-dog life. So I was just planning on keeping her until just the right situation came along. And it did!She is so tiny and petite!Just a couple weeks ago, Chris contacted me to see if I had any Poodles nearing retirement or an older puppy that needed a home. Chris is an avid Poodle lover who actually adopted our sweet Eli after he retired and gave him a life of leisure. <3

It was love at first sight when she saw Baby Girl!

Next stop was the airport terminal to hand off Genesis to her very excited mom! She’s leaving the cold northwest to go live in sunny, warm Southern California. Lucky pup!

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